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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Swedish Fish (Stockholm: Part Fyra)

The next morning I awoke, planning on going to the airport early and waiting for my flight, but I was surprised when I saw this scene outside:
The snow was a surprise to everyone. I decided to walk around the city for a couple of hours, taking pictures of the snow as I had enough time. Here are some things around Sergels Torg in City:
Here are some photos from Kungsträdgården:

I then walked to Gamla Stan where I got these pictures of the royal palace:

and these of Storkyrkan:

Here is Stortorget:

Here is the area between Gamla Stan and City:

Just as I entered City, I came across this eerie sight. I was unsure whether it was a living person or not as it was very cold and this was not moving:
I took the bus to the airport from the train station at City. I had a little bit of time at the airport, so I ate at a restaurant where I got this crab and caviar sandwich with a beer called Eriksberg:

I also bought some lingonberry and cloudberry jam for myself at the airport; some Swedish chocolate for Kelsey, Katie, and Lindsay; and some moose jerky for Cody. I left Stockholm with the feeling that I was leaving a comfortable place. I saw everything there was to see in the northern city, but I still felt as though I could have stayed longer as the city had a very welcoming atmosphere.

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